Bamboo Flooring 14mm (Antique Carbonized)

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Tue. 20 Sep.


Mon. 31 Oct.
This Group Buy will only be funded if at least 500 Square Meters is ordered by Mon. 31 Oct.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring 

1850 x 125 x 14mm Moisture content:8-10% Certification: CE, ISO9001, IS014001,FSC,CARB II. Etc

This beautiful flooring has a very handy and easy to assemble click joint which is sturdy enough to glue or nail should you wish.

The Antique Carbonised finish is the ulimate versatile finish and can be interpered in many ways of style from rustic to modern. 

Importo sampled several bamboo flooring manufacturers and this is our choice of Preferred Supplier due to its wear layer, strength and the click joint being 100% eveytime.


We did give these samples a hardtime outside the lab. Scratching with keys knives and scissors. Hot coffee (they make great coasters for the office), high heels and even left in the rain. Where we perhaps don't recomend the rain being an indoor product it maintained it original form and still clicked together as one would expect. Other samples did not fair so well with deep scratches and denting and didn't like the rain at all.



Jiangsu, China (Mainland) to Buyers Door



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Fiona comes from a long corporate background and has the fine balance of tech and art that is so hard to come by. Being a co-founder she is in charge of the culture and community of importo in other words she is the "mother of dragons" and the solver of all problems.

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